Pardus 21 Background Design Competition
Pardus 21 Background Design Competition
Pardus 21 Background Design Competition

About the Contest

Within the scope of Pardus Volunteers Community Portal Competitions Pardus 21 Background Design Competition It is organized.

TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM Pardus Project ve Pardus Volunteers Community Portal Pardus 21 Background Design Competition, organized in cooperation with the Pardus 21, will be open to the participation of all volunteers who are interested in open source software, are curious about Pardus 21, and want to contribute to Pardus. Background design will be made on the latest version of Pardus 21 in the competition. Pardus XNUMX is the main theme. fullmoon The background designs, which are expected to be designed in accordance with the theme, are prepared in accordance with the determined technical criteria. will be uploaded to. As an end user, the participants are first asked to offer suggestions for the appearance of the Pardus operating system and to develop a background design.

Admission Requirements

Background designs developed within the scope of the competition It will be delivered to your address. Entrants must reach the deadline specified for the competition. You have to make a request at the address. Participation in the competition will be done individually. In the competition, the most 5 The design can be sent. 

All our volunteers can apply for the Pardus 21 Background Design Competition. Competitors under the age of 18 must also enter their parents' information.

The designs submitted to the competition will be deemed to be in the public domain, and the designs will not be subject to copyright. 

Pardus employees cannot participate in the competition.

Last day to enter the competition June 15, 2022.

Contest Calendar

Competition Announcement: May 15 2022

Application Process: May 15 - June 15, 2022

Preselection: 16 June – 20 June

Voting Process: 20 June – 26 June 2022 

Explanation of the results:  July 1, 2022

The publication of the winning design will take place with the release of the Pardus 21.3 version in July.


  1. The winning background will be selected with Pardus 21.3.
  2. The winning background will be made available in Pardus repositories with the release of the next version of Pardus.

Evaluation Criteria

The pre-selection will be carried out by a jury consisting of Pardus officials, after being evaluated in terms of compliance with the competition criteria, theme and general acceptances. It will also be decisive whether the application conditions are fulfilled. The designs that will pass the pre-selection and be presented to the public will be voted on by our volunteers, and the design with the most votes will be announced as the winning design. 

The main jury of the Pardus 21 Background Contest consists of you. We are aware that it will not be a professional evaluation. We will all vote for the designs that we like the most and that we will be most pleased to see on the Pardus desktop. You can vote on this page.

We have listed the main criteria for what should be considered in a design below for you. You should make your evaluations by taking into account the design criteria specified in the document below/link:

  • The proposed design has at least 3840 x 2160 in pixels and JPEG, WEBP extension, PNGSVG It must be prepared in one of the formats.
  • file size 10 MB size should not exceed. 
  • Most of the competition 5 You can join with different designs. 
  • Guidance document on the use of Pardus corporate logo from the link you can access.
  • Basic principles of design document from the link you can access.
  • If the information given in the application form is incomplete or incorrect, the design cannot be ranked even if it is selected.
  • The works to be applied for the competition must not have been used, awarded or copied anywhere before. Works determined to be similar or quoted will be excluded from the competition. Any legal responsibility that may arise in this regard belongs to the participant.
  • The designs proposed as a background should be works that do not contain religion, language or race discrimination, do not contain inappropriate visual elements for under 13s, and do not have a political stance.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

How many people can participate in the competition?

Only individual participation in the competition will be accepted.

Can anyone participate in the competition?

Volunteers of all ages can participate in the competition. Participants under the age of 18 must attend the competition with their parents.

Can I participate in the competition with more than one design?

Yes, you can enter the competition with a maximum of 5 designs. You need to create a separate request for each of your designs. It is important for us to know how many applications you have in total, by entering your requests with the same username. Don't forget that your design is compatible with the Pardus 21 Full Moon theme!

How will I know that I have won?

On July 1, 2022 ve @PardusCorporate We will announce the winner of the competition via our Twitter account. If you rank, you will see your design in use as a desktop background in the intermediate version of Pardus 21.3, which will be released in July.