Pardus Software Center, where you can find the latest Pardus applications, is at your service with its web version.

We have news that will make Pardus users very happy. You can now review all the applications in the Pardus Software Center on the web! With user ratings and comments, you can quickly access the most popular applications from tens of thousands of packages in Pardus repositories, and take a look at the solutions you can install with a few clicks in Pardus.

Corporate applications such as e-signature, e-declaration, multimedia and office applications, remote desktop tools and the web version of the Pardus Software Center, which hosts a wide range of games. You can access it at. From graphics programs to software development tools, from system requirements to modeling and animation to your programs All the software you may need in many subjects is here!

Pardus Software Center web version is at your service

By sorting the applications according to how many downloads and their average scores, you can determine what you need most, and you can also access various statistics of transactions made through the Pardus Software Center on If there is an app that you think is missing from our store, this is it. from the link You can make your suggestion and enrich the Pardus Software Center library.

Pardus Software Center web version is at your service!
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