The “Online Pardus Contest” awards to be held by the Turkish Open Source Platform have been announced. If you have an idea in the field of Pardus, do not forget to apply to the program!

Application deadline: April 21 2021

For reference:

Scope of the Contest

Within the scope of the “Dissemination of PARDUS” project carried out by the Turkish Open Source Platform, the “Online Pardus Contest” is organized with the support of the project stakeholders. Within the scope of the competition, it is aimed to develop, disseminate and support PARDUS and open source software technologies. During the competition, intensive training and mentoring are planned. In this context, 5 days of training will be given before the competition, and then the competition will start for 5 days. Participants are expected to develop applications on the following topics.

  • Improving the user experience
  • Developing Interactive Board Apps
  • Training: Developing basic formation practices
  • Developing antivirus management interfaces
  • Creating GTK Based app stores
  • Creating an electron-based system infrastructure
  • Developing interface software for QEMU
  • Developing QT, Electron, GTK applications

Conditions of Participation

  • Competitors accept that all the information they enter when filling out the application form is correct.
  • During the application process, participants; have to prepare a presentation describing themselves, their teammates and their project ideas. In addition, the contestants will present the presentation with group information in the filename. field and enter the relevant link in the field at the bottom of the application form.
  • Participation in the competition can be individually or as a team. Teams can consist of up to four participants.
  • In the presentation to be prepared within the scope of the competition, job descriptions of all team members within the scope of the project should be made.
  • Codes to be developed during the competition is mandatory. In this context, all competitors have to make the necessary documentation regarding their projects. Competitors should share their work on Pardus with the Platform.
  • Projects to participate in the competition must be submitted with Open Source and/or free software licenses.
  • Competitors cannot submit projects that they developed before the competition date and are currently working on.
  • Competitors will be able to purchase all kinds of components, libraries, tools etc. they use in their projects. is responsible for checking the license terms of the software and complying with them.
  • During the competition, the projects of the competitors that have been previously published or sold elsewhere cannot be used.
  • The project output should be run properly on Pardus without any emulation tool.