Is the "black screen", which some of us know as a terminal, some as a terminal, and some as a console, really a bogeyman?

The terminal interface, aka the "black screen", which is indispensable in Linux distributions, is not something to be afraid of, and it is a very functional and powerful interface. Since visuality/aesthetics is mostly at the forefront in the graphical interface, functionality and practicality can often be waived. As there is no visual concern in the terminal interface, functionality and practicality are at the forefront. If you have the necessary permissions, you can do anything you want using the terminal interface in Linux distributions. In addition to all these, it can be much more practical to perform some operations using the terminal interface instead of the graphical interface. Let's explain with an example.

System update in Pardus

To update your Pardus system, you can use the graphical interface (Pardus Software Center) let's explain the steps you need to perform in order. You need to open the Pardus Software Center application, click the menu icon at the top right, click the "Updates" button, then press the "Update Package Cache" button on the screen that opens, then enter your password for authorization and press the "Update" button on the left. That's not all, you need to press the "Install Updates" button on the top right of the opened application and enter your password for authorization again. Too long, isn't it?

However, you can do this much easier and faster from the terminal interface. Just open the terminal and enter the following command.

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade -yq

Very practical, isn't it?

Visual of the terminal

The terminal is more than just a plain black screen and commands. Some of the programs running on the terminal have interfaces. Having one of the simplest interfaces tasksel You can find the screenshot of the tool below. Tasksis a terminal-run tool that automates various package installations for Debian-based systems. 

Tasksel Tool

If you want a little more visual CharmA markdown viewer/reader developed by GlowI can recommend.

If you want to develop more eye-catching terminal interface tools like this tool, you can also use Charm's Go written in the language Lip Gloss I suggest you check out the library.

Lip Gloss Library Examples

Thanks to the examples I mentioned above, I hope I have been able to break the prejudices against the "black screen" a little bit.