In this article, you can find the necessary procedures for entering software development with Python language and PyCharm development environment on Pardus.

Hello. In this article, I will talk about the processes that need to be done to write a program on Pardus with the Python programming language and the PyCharm IDE, that is, the Integrated Development Environment.

Pythonis a very popular programming language that allows you to produce cross-platform software that can run on Windows, Mac OS and Linux distributions.

Python has a special importance for the Linux world. A large number of programs that run on Linux distributions are written in Python. Again, Python is used in a very small part of the Linux kernel. It features high-level programming language so most Linux distributions like Pardus come with Python installed in them. When you install any of the Linux distributions, most likely Python will also be installed.

Checking the Python version

In order to develop software in a programming language in any operating system, you need to install the components of that programming language. Pardus 21 version comes with Python3. In short, no action is required for Python installation.

To learn the Python version on Pardus, it is sufficient to open the terminal / terminal emulator and run one of the commands below.

python3 -V

or a

python3 --version

When you run any of these commands in terminal/terminal, you will get output like below.

Python 3.9.2

Installing the PyCharm IDE

There are many IDEs, ie Integrated Development Environments, that you can use to develop software with Python. You can choose any of them. PyCharm is among the most used IDEs. There are two different versions of Pycharm: Professional Edition and Community Edition. Professional Edition is paid and closed source. Community Edition is free and open source. Community Edition is also referred to as CE for short.

To install Pycharm on Pardus, simply do one of the following steps.

1. Installing PyCharm Using Pardus Software Center: Pardus Software CenterYou can find PyCharm by opening and searching. Since PyCharm CE version is available in Pardus repositories, you can complete the installation process by clicking the INSTALL button here.

Pardus Software Center and PyCharm

2. Installing Pycharm Using Terminal: You can also install Pycharm CE version using terminal/terminal emulator.

After opening the Terminal Emulator in the Pardus menu, it will be enough to do the following steps in order.

First, it checks for updates.

sudo apt-get update

Updates are installed.

sudo apt-get upgrade

Pycharm CE version is installed.

sudo apt-get install pycharm

Running the Pycharm IDE

You can install the Pycharm CE version on your computer using one of the two processes above. Now you can start programming Python on Pardus.

When you run Pycharm, an interface like the one below will greet you. Create a new project by saying "New Project".

PyCharm hello screen
PyCharm hello screen

In the next step, specify the location of your project in the "Location" section and click the "Create" button to create your project.

You can now write programs in Python.

Interpreter problem and solution

After creating a new project, you may encounter an error like the one below.

To solve this problem, you need to set the Python Interpreter. When the project is opened, you will see a warning as in the image. By clicking “Use /usr/bin/Python3.9” you can select the interpreter and continue programming.

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