About Pardus

Anatolian Leopard -Panthera Pardus Tulliana-

TermOpen Source GNU/Linux operating system distribution.
first version04.02.2005 ( Pardus Live CD 1.0 -Gentoo )
Installable Version27.12.2005 (Pardus Linux 1.0 -PiSi)
Other VersionsPiSi: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 Debian: Pardus 2013, Pardus K. 5, Pardus 17, 19,21
Package SystemDebian
Graphical InterfaceXfce, GNOME, KDE
LicenseGPLv3 -General Public License-
License FeeFree
Pardus Projects
ETAPInteractive Board Interface Project
LiderAhenkCentral Management System
AhtapotIntegrated Cyber ​​Security System
ViperIdentity Management System
Bilgi Bankasidocument.pardus.org.tr

Pardus, Debian GNU / Linux It is a Free and Open Source operating system. It can be downloaded and installed for free on the Internet. TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM continues its development and maintenance efforts to make Pardus a competitive and sustainable operating system for personal or corporate use.

Pardus has Open Source code sub-projects that meet institutional needs so that it can be easily disseminated in public institutions and organizations and SMEs. Leader Harmony Central Management System, Viper Identity Management System, Ahtapot Integrated Cyber ​​Security System, Interactive Board Interface Project (ETAP) are the main ones.

The Pardus team is working to expand it in our country and to develop a supportive ecosystem. It organizes conferences, workshops and trainings on Free Software; Mustafa Akgül Free Software Summer Camp, Mustafa Akgül Free Software Winter Camp (Academic Informatics), Pardus and Open Source Days supports organizations such as; He participates in organizations such as Teknofest, Free Software and Linux Days. In addition, to inform the public Open Document Format (ODF) portal to encourage Free Software activities. Open Source Code Platform initiated projects such as

Pardus for Freedom!

To get information about your Pardus version os-release You can view the file.

cat / etc / * release
PRETTY_NAME="Pardus GNU/Linux 21 (twenty one)" NAME="Pardus GNU/Linux" VERSION_ID="21.2" VERSION="21.2 (twenty one)" VERSION_CODENAME=twenty-one ID=pardus HOME_URL="https://www.pardus. org.tr/" SUPPORT_URL="https://forum.pardus.org.tr/" BUG_REPORT_URL="https://talep.pardus.org.tr/" ID_LIKE=debian PARDUS_CODENAME=twenty-one

giving this information screenfetch You can also try command.

screenfetch To install the command:

apt install screenfetch 


   .smNdy+- `.:/osyyso+:.` -+ydmNs. senol@pardus /Md- -/ymMdmNNdhso/::/oshdNNmdMmy/. :dM/ OS: Pardus 21.4 twenty-one mN. oMdyy- -y `-dMo .Nm Kernel: x86_64 Linux 5.10.0-21-amd64 .mN+` sMy hN+ -: yMs `+Nm. Uptime: 5h 27m `yMMddMs.dy `+` sMddMMy` Packages: Unknown +MMMo .` . oMMM+ Shell: bash 5.1.4 `NM/ `````.` `.```` +MN` Resolution: 5760x1080 yM+ `.-:yhomy ymohy:-.` +My DE: Xfce yM: yo oy :My WM: Xfwm4 +Ms .N` `N. +h sM+ WM Theme: pardus-default `MN - -:::::- : :o:+`NM` GTK Theme: pardus [GTK2] yM/ sh -dMMMMd- ho +y+My Icon Theme: pardus .dNhsohMh-//: /mm/ ://-yMyoshNd` Font: Ubuntu 12 `-ommNMm+:/. oo ./:+mMNmmo:` Disk: 506G / 832G (65%) `/o+.-somNh- :yy: -hNmos-.+o/` CPU: Intel Core i7-10750H @ 12x 5GHz [49.0°C] ./` .s/`s+sMdd+``+ddMs+s`/s. `/. GPU: Quadro P620 : -y. -hNmddmNy. .y- : RAM: 5396MiB / 31900MiB -+ `..` +-           

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