The top three teams in the "Online Pardus Competition" held between 12-23 April 2021 within the scope of the "Dissemination of PARDUS" Project carried out by the Turkish Open Source Platform received their awards.

With the "Online Pardus Contest", it was aimed to develop and disseminate PARDUS and open source software technologies, as well as to support developers. The teams, who were given intensive training and mentoring support during the competition, developed their projects in the online competition that lasted 5 days after 5 days of training. The exhibitors will discuss “Improving the user experience”, “Interactive board applications”, “Basic formation applications”, “Antivirus management interfaces”, GTK-based application stores”, “Electron-based system infrastructure”, “Interface software for QEMU”, “Qt, Electron” had the chance to develop projects they chose from a wide range of applications such as “GTK applications”. The competitors, who both gained experience and contributed to open source software technologies, received feedback from Pardus developers and jury members who are experts in their fields.

Emincan Özcan won the first place with the Kataliz project, the second place with the Mert Çelen Zabit project, and the team of Eda Altuntaş, Hakkı Dizdar and Recep Tayip Aksakal won the third place with the Playground project. The Pardus Special Award was given to the team of Abdülkerim Aksak, Muaz Dervent and Tuğba Fıçıcı for their Mangala project. In the “Online Pardus Competition”, of which HAVELSAN is the award sponsor, the first team was given a Monster computer, the second team a 3D printer and the third team a Raspberry Pi. The developers of the Mangala project, which received the Pardus Special Award, won a gift card that they can use in technology stores.

You can watch the mangala game trailer below:

Orkun Balcı, who served as the Pardus Laboratory Supervisor within TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM and also mentored in the competition, said about the meaning and scope of the project for Pardus.Competition held in the virtual environment, It continued at a non-stop pace for 24 hours. Together with other mentors, we continued to answer the questions of the contestants even at night. Short meetings during the day, end-of-day evaluations, checks to be made during the flow of the competition, all took place on Discord servers in a virtual environment due to Covid-19 measures. This situation added a different atmosphere to the competition than usual. You can watch action movies that are constantly written, short online meetings are held, many topics are discussed at the same time on many channels, and coding continues on the other side. not looking It's been a process. We are delighted that the winners are people who value creative ideas, teamwork and quality code development. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to those who participated in the competition." said.