The winners of the Pardus 21 Error Catching and Suggestion Contest, organized in cooperation with the Turkish Open Source Platform, received their awards.

He is one of the founding members of TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM and Pardus Project. Turkey Open Source Platform and Informatics Valley. Pardus 21 Error Catching and Suggestion ContestThe winners received their awards at Teknofest. So how were all the applications? Did he contribute to Pardus? Are there any suggestions to be implemented? Here is a general summary of the requests received within the scope of our competition…

The competition was held with the aim of popularizing the use of Pardus, introducing the latest version of Pardus released on August 21, 2021, Pardus 21, contributing to the strengthening of the Pardus ecosystem, and getting bug catching and suggestions on the new version Pardus 21; It was open to all participants who are interested in open source software, who are curious about Pardus 21 and who want to contribute to Pardus.

Participants within the competition; They made their applications in the categories of Functional errors/suggestions, Performance errors/suggestions, Usability errors/suggestions, Security Vulnerabilities and Localization errors/suggestions, as well as submitted their own different suggestions.

Documentation of bug reporting/correction requests in scoring; The complete description of the error, its presentation as a screenshot, its solution or solution suggestion made the difference. The error/suggestion request entries of the competitors were evaluated by looking at the type of error and/or suggestion, the degree of importance, and whether the error/suggestion and its solution were well defined. If the contestants developed the necessary patch for the solution they proposed, they earned more points. In addition, the number of errors/suggestions reported also earned the contestants additional points.

From the Pardus 21 Error Catching Contest numerical data

187 of the 46 requests examined according to all these criteria were found to be applicable and suitable for improvement/development. 5 of these requests were urgently resolved after the request was notified. 22 requests have been included in our improvement lists to be evaluated in future releases. It was determined that 9 of the incoming requests were very important. Research studies on what will be the most appropriate solution method for these are continuing. In addition to all these, the developers of the applications were informed about 10 requests for external applications of Pardus.

Highlights of our reviews

A software always has various vulnerabilities or needs improvement. The important thing is how quickly these vulnerabilities are fixed and the stability of the software is maintained when moving from the previous version to the next version. This is even more important if we are talking about an operating system.

While the Teknofest 2021 Pardus Error Catching and Suggestion Contest we have realized shows us that errors and improvements that are defined accurately and clearly and communicated to us via our request system or call center can be fixed in a very short time; It was also very useful to see the expectations of our users regarding the improvements. For example; "Mouse cursor theme", which was not included in our improvement list before the competition, made us realize the need for multiple improvement requests, and this issue has been included in our list to be improved in future versions.

We thank all our participants for their interest and contribution; We are pleased to announce that our popular events and competitions will continue to increase.