Are you curious about the background design that will enter the Pardus 21.3 version?

The winner of the Pardus 21 Background Design Competition, organized as part of the Pardus Volunteers Community Portal Competition, has been announced. In the Pardus 15 Full Moon themed competition, which started on May 15 and ended on June 21, 4 designs that made it to the finals following the preliminary evaluation process were presented to the Pardus Volunteers.

Winners of the Pardus 21 Background Design Contest

After one week, according to the results of the voting completed on June 26, the winner of the Background Design Competition by receiving the most votes from our volunteers. 1. design, was the design of our competitor named Batuhan Ferudun ERGİNLİ. The winning design of our Pardus volunteer will come as the selected background with the release of Pardus 21.3, which will be released in July.

Receiving a degree from the Pardus Volunteers by making it to the finals 2. design Yasin BIRICIK, 3. design Sertaç AYDOĞDU, 4. design Yasin Biricik's and the jury's special award, which was entitled to enter the Pardus warehouses. 5. design and Sertaç AYDOĞDU's work. We would like to thank all our community who gave their heart to Pardus and showed interest in our competition.


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To see the winning design you can click here. Follow Pardus 21.3, which will be released in July, and don't forget to update your computer to the latest Pardus version.