Although not the subject of this tutorial GNU / Linux Let's talk briefly about desktop environments.

Desktop is the shell that offers visual use with windows, panels, icons to use and manage our system. These graphical shells consist of Window manager and Desktop Environment on X Window layer.

Commonly used desktop environments

can be listed as.

Gnome -GNU Network Object Model Environment-

GNOME -GNU Network Object Model Environment-It is an open source free desktop environment. GNOME, which is being developed by the GNOME Project community affiliated with the GNU Project, can be installed on many Unix and BSD based operating systems.

The GNOME project provides an easy and impressive desktop environment for users and a development platform to develop applications and integrate them with the rest of the desktop.

TermGNOME -GNU Network Object Model Environment-
KindDesktop environment
First ReleaseMarch 3, 1999
programming languageC, XML, C++, C#, HTML, Vala, Python, JavaScript, CSS…
Developer(s)GNOME developers
LicenseGPL – LGPL
Official site
code repository

KDE -K Desktop Environment –

KDE provides a modern desktop environment for UNIX and compatible systems. With a free UNIX player such as GNU/Linux, UNIX/KDE provides a completely free and open computing platform.

TermKDE (K Desktop Environment)
KindDesktop environment
Developer(s)KDE Development Team
LicenseGPL and others
Official /


It is a free and open source desktop environment for the X Window System. Cinnamon is the main desktop environment of the Linux Mint distribution and is also available as an optional desktop for other Linux distributions and other Unix-like operating systems.

TermIt is a free and open source desktop environment.
First Release2011
KindDesktop environment
programming languageC (GTK), JavaScript, Python
Developer(s)Linux Mint developers

Xfce (XForms Common Environment)

Xfce, is a lightweight, easy-to-use desktop environment compatible with GNU/Linux and Unix-like systems, which is simple yet provides the functionality expected of a modern desktop environment.

TermXForms Common Environment
KindDesktop environment
First Release1997
Developer(s)Free software community
LicenseGNU General Public License

In these tutorials, we will talk about using “Terminal -Console/Teminal-” and GNU/Linux shell -BaSH shell- instead of graphical interface.

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