FreeCAD software, developed especially for the needs of mechanical engineers, announced the updated version 0.20.

There is a lot of CAD/CAM software available in the GNU/Linux world that will work for you. LibreCAD, QCAD, Opencascade, BricsCAD and even lets you design 3D castles with Lego building blocks. Leocad There are many software for different purposes such as One of these software, FreeCAD, which you can find in Pardus repositories, is a software capable of meeting all the basic needs of an engineering student without paying any license fee.

To put it in the language of engineers who dominate the subject FreeCADis a free and open source parametric 3D computer aided design (CAD) modeler and finite element method (FEM) supported building information modeling (BIM) software.

Designed mainly for mechanical engineering, FreeCAD covers a wide range of uses, including architectural or electrical engineering. Due to the free nature of the software, users cannot access the functionality of the software. Python programming It can be extended by volunteers and users using the language.

What's new in FreeCAD 0.20

FreeCAD 0.20 provides a new interface for the program's navigation cube. The new version has edge faces to rotate the 3D view by 45°. A new preference, rotate to closest, has been introduced. When this is selected, clicking the cube face rotates the 3D view to the nearest logical position based on the cube's current orientation. The cube size can now be adjusted with the cube size preference.

New navigation cube interface

In FreeCAD version 0.20, command names are now included as part of UI tooltips. According to the language used, the spelling of mathematical expressions (decimal separators, for example) can be adjusted according to the interface language you use.

Among the interesting innovations in the new version are the mouse behavior openSCAD or TinkerCADThere is also the ability to adjust it according to your habits in . This innovation seems to make users with 3D printers particularly happy.

A new sectioning tool for non-hollow and permanent cuts of parts and assemblies is also included in this release. The frames of the GIF animation you see below are, for example, a FreeCAD macro. Screen Wiki These cross-section images were then combined on Gimp and converted into GIF animation.

FreeCAD brushed electric motor section
FreeCAD brushed electric motor section