Do you know how old-fashioned chalkboards revolutionized teaching for their time? This tool, which is thought to have been used for the first time in the 11th century, increased the number of learners from only 1 to 30-40 people at the same time. Maybe more. Colored chalk was invented in 1814.

This ancient tool is still up to date and truly eco-friendly. It doesn't need charging or internet connection, and you don't need to adjust the screen brightness either.

Joking aside, the world is changing rapidly, it is undeniable that using, changing and transforming ancient tools will take us further.

When I was a little kid, it seemed like a burden to write down the homework written on the board at the end of class in my notebook, and this time was getting longer because I was writing slowly. I even thought that if we took a picture of that board one day, I would write the homework in my notebook at home. This dream of mine didn't come true until I got to university.

More engaging lessons with the ETAP Interactive Board

But now we are at the end of 2022 and ETAP Interactive Boards are in our lives, we no longer need volunteer students to write the whole question on the board, or the students who start boiling the moment we turn our backs to write the question have to wait for recess. With ETAP's internet connection, you can reach the materials from all over the world without any problems and present more stimulating examples to the students, while at the same time you can draw attention to the teacher by dimming a certain area or the whole of the screen.

I think my favorite application of ETAP is ETA Pen. Thanks to its simple interface, it allows you to use it without stressing you and without distracting your concentration. With the selections you make with just one finger, the color and thickness of the pen can be changed.

We can make the markings we want on the pages.

If you are a Mathematics teacher and you can solve a question with your students by opening it on the screen, you can even save it and send it to them.

It has a very easy interface, with the panel on the right side of the screen, you can lock and open the screen for drawing, and make markings on the screen on a website or folder screen.

Thanks to its easy use, the flow of the lesson is not interrupted.

One of the most interesting features of ETA Pen is that it can take screenshots with the texts written on the screen. Since the necessity of taking notes is eliminated, it has a structure that covers other types of intelligence that we are familiar with from the theory of multiple intelligences. As you can easily see, the visuals have a very simple and visual interface, so they can be easily used in pre-literacy teaching processes.

ETA Pen is a very flexible and wide-ranging tool, so you can design your lessons as you wish, and get rid of all the distracting "outdated" applications in the lesson.

We welcome your experiences and opinions about ETA Pen in the comments.

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