In this article, we will talk about 6 useful applications. If you are a software developer who develops fun and educational applications, you may want your application to be included in the Pardus Software Center. relevant for this our article You can read and contact us.

KBruch KBruch is an aid for learning how to calculate with fractions. Thanks to this very entertaining application, you and your students will learn fractions and facilitate development with their quick feedback.


Stellarium is free astronomy simulation software. It offers the opportunity to examine celestial objects that cannot be observed with the naked eye, binoculars or a small telescope. It creates stars, planets and galaxies in the sky according to the entered coordinates.

Stellarium lets you examine up to 600.000 stars with its initial installation. The vast majority (approximately 99%) of star catalogs are provided by NOMAD (Naval Observatory Merged Astrometric Dataset) libraries. These star catalogs; It provides real-time and instantaneous values ​​of stars such as magnitude, surface temperature, parallax angle and distance in light years.

gbrainy gbrainy is a platform to train memory, arithmetic and logical abilities with different exercises of different difficulty levels. A must have for all ages and purposes: it's a useful time-passing activity for kids whose parents want to improve their skills, adults who want to keep their minds in shape or just try it for fun.

CalciumIt is a periodic table application. Kalzium gives detailed information about the elements. In addition, it has comprehensive features such as chemical equation solver, molecule organizer, glossary of terms. More specifically, it includes a picture of atoms, information about their discovery, chemical data, energy data, and models of atoms. The periodic table itself can be structured in numerical order, according to the state of the atom. In addition, there is a data index that allows listing elements found in any given year.

KGeographyis a free and open source educational software game that supports learning in political geography. It also increases the dominance of the world map while recognizing countries and cities.

kstarsis an observatory application. It offers an exact simulation of what you would see if you looked deep into the sky at any time, from anywhere in the world. This enjoyable experience will not only entertain you and your students, but also reinforce their knowledge of the universe and the sky. Astronomy literacy is a concept that is so included in our lives that it does not lose its value today.

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