Hello, I am Aliberk, the finalist of Teknofest 2023 Pardus 21 Fault Catching and Suggestion Contest. In this article, I would like to talk to you about the mistakes I caught on our operating system Pardus, which was developed with national resources, the suggestions I made and the process in general.

Pardus 21 Error Catching and Suggestion Contest Category on Teknofest site

I have been using GNU/Linux operating systems for about 2 years. For this reason, the Pardus Error Catching and Suggestion Contest held within Teknofest especially caught my attention. I registered for the competition by filling out the necessary information on the Teknofest portal. After that, my first job was to install Pardus on my computer and tamper with it. I preferred XFCE because my computer features were not very good.

Using Pardus in my daily life, I noted the mistakes I noticed and the features that I thought “would be nice if there was such a feature”. At the same time, I got permission from my informatics teacher to use the computers at school. We were able to send 10 requests for the competition and I wanted to complete this number. But since I couldn't catch enough mistakes in the process, I decided to examine other sub-projects of Pardus.

Ahtapot, Viper, Stage and Liderahenk because it interests me more than its subprojects Liderahenk I started working on it to catch bugs. I installed the Lider server on 1 computer in the school and the Ahenk client on 2 computers. In this way, I had the opportunity to catch a few more errors. The bugs I found were not critical bugs but still impacted the user experience.

Pardus subproject Liderahenk, Central Management System

After collecting the necessary errors and suggestions to create a request, I set up a virtual machine from scratch to better understand the errors I found. Afterwards, I took video recording and screenshots and made the necessary reports. At the same time, I opened a pull request on GitHub. As a result, I submitted 4 errors and 6 suggestions requests through the system.

About 3 weeks later, an e-mail came from the Teknofest team. It was written in the mail that I was a finalist in the Pardus 21 Error Catching and Suggestion Contest. One month later, I went to Istanbul for Teknofest. I learned that I was 1rd in Teknofest area and I had the opportunity to spend time with the Pardus team. I had the opportunity to introduce Pardus to the people who came to the stand. It was an unforgettable experience for me. I recommend those who are interested to attend next year.