There are hundreds of fun games available in Pardus warehouses. You can add thousands more to these games with Steam!

I am a very hardcore player. I have finished many story games, although I do not like online and competitive games, I have played many cult games. Moreover, I played almost all of these games on Linux. How Does? Thanks to Steam and Proton Beta, of course. Now, let's install Steam on Pardus and play games together.

Steam client installation

Steam is a globally accepted is a game platform. In fact, it is the highest-paid computer game sales platform in 2021 history.

Steam officially supports Linux. In this way, we will be able to install Steam on Pardus more easily than others.

The Steam platform has hosted many games since the early 2000s. Some of these games are packaged as 32 bit and some as 64 bit. For this reason, the first thing we need to do is to turn on 32-bit support on our Pardus. For this, we will issue the following command from the terminal:

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386

And let's update the package repositories.

sudo apt update

Our system might give us an output like this:

I will update my system first.

sudo apt upgrade

Now let's install Steam from the Pardus main repository. For this we can proceed from the command line:

sudo apt install steam

Of course Pardus Software CenterWe can also use , this method is even easier for new users. From the top left in the Software Center application DepoBy selecting , we will type “steam” in the search box. We will install Steam with the package I chose.

Now let's open Steam through the application menu. The rest is the process of making the necessary updates and logging into our application, which we already know.

Proton for games that still don't work

Now, after logging in, we can open games with Linux support. Thousands of games such as “CS: GO” and Dota 2 already have Linux support. If you also want to play games that do not run on Linux, we may need to enable Proton.

Proton is a compatibility layer like Wine. Thanks to Proton, we can run games published for Windows or Mac in Linux. This does not mean that Proton can open all programs completely. Proton doesn't work properly in many games with cheat protection. As an example, the game “Rainbow Six Siege” does not run on Linux.

We hope all games will work perfectly in the future. Now let's install the Proton package.

From the top left tab, we enter "Settings".

Pardus on Steam

Click on the "Steam Play" option at the bottom of the settings window.

We tick the “Enable Steam Play for all other title” under the “Advanced” heading. We can choose any version of Proton from the drop-down menu that says “Run other titles with” just below. I'm using the Proton Experimental version. It's a good idea to try Proton 6.x, as it causes problems in some games.

Then press the “OK” button and our game platform will restart.

As I said again, Proton may not be able to help you play all the games, but the following games in my library are easily playable.

Since we can install Steam on Pardus and download games, have fun on Pardus...