In this article, we have explained for you what you need to do to create a LibreOffice Writer document in Pardus and save the document you have created.

Before we start all this, let's briefly talk about the LibreOffice Writer application.

LibreOffice Writer is the exact equivalent of the popular Microsoft Word software and is much more convenient than its counterparts. functional It is an open source word processing program. An ISO/IEC standard as a native file format Opendocument It uses the .odt format from the (ODF) formats. It can open existing documents in Microsoft Word's native file formats (.docx, .doc), save them in the same format, and generate documents in these formats from scratch.

Creating a new LibreOffice Writer document

To create a Writer document in Pardus, you must first open the program. For this, open the application menu, which is located in the upper left corner by default in the GNOME interface and in the lower left corner in the XFCE interface. 

Next "OfficeClicking on the ” tab LibreOffice access programs. You can open the program by clicking LibreOffice Writer.

LibreOffice Writer - 01

If you want to work on a blank page, you can start working on the opened page immediately, or you can click on the top left corner of the interface. File > New > Text Document You can create a new document by following the path. 

If you want to work on a template, you can still find it in the same location. File > New > Templates… You can choose the ready-made template you want in the window that opens by following the path and start working.

Tip: To create a new text document CTRL + N, to open the Templates window. CTRL+SHIFT+N you can use shortcuts.

LibreOffice Writer - 02

After you complete your work on the document you created, click on the upper left corner to save the document. File > Save following the path or CTRL + S You can save the document using the shortcut. 

To save the document as a different File > Save As… you can follow the path or CTRL + SHIFT + S You can use the shortcut.

LibreOffice Writer - 03

That's how easy it is to create a LibreOffice Writer document!

To the LibreOffice 7.2 Getting Started Guide prepared by the LibreOffice Documentation Team, funded by Pardus here .