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Support Documentation Studies

"News I can keep the page constantly updated, I am asked about the news about Free Software in Turkey…” and/or “How? I can write the kind of articles written on its page, and I even want to write it!” and if you like to share your information with people, we are sure that you can support us in this regard.

To our author guide here .


Become a Pardus Translator

If you know and speak more than one language, have a good command of technical literature and want to do something for Pardus, you are a suitable candidate for translation. Detailed information and rules on this subject You can reach it at.

Our Github github/pardus We look forward to your translation and support in the following areas at our address. 

  • Certification
  • Pardus software
  • Interface translations

If you haven't done a software translation before or if you're unfamiliar with Git, GitHub, and GitLab, that's fine. We have prepared for you How to Translate?, Basic Git usage ve Introduction to Git Using Github GitLab You can read our articles.


Design Pardus

Do you deal with graphic design works and want to support Pardus? 

  • Desktop Wallpapers
  • GRUB Themes
  • GNOME Shell Theme
  • GTK Themes
  • Plymouth Themes
  • Social Media Images
  • New Icon Sets
  • Banner, T-shirt etc. Promotional Products Images

If you think you can provide design support to Pardus in their fields, click the “Application” button.


Everyone makes mistakes, the important thing is to realize the mistake and correct it. Sometimes, even if we do not notice the mistakes we have made, we initiate the corrective actions quickly thanks to the notifications of our valued users. For this reason, you can make a great contribution to Pardus when you let us know even the small mistakes you see. 

You are not always going to report mistakes, we would like to hear your valuable ideas and suggestions about Pardus. You can also report your requests for new features, new software, feature development and similar requests to Pardus here.  


Become a Pardus Developer

Türkiye’nin en büyük açık kaynak projesi Pardus’a katkıda bulunarak kendinizi geliştirmek istiyorsanız ve kendinizi yeterli hissediyorsanız, adımları takip ederek geliştiricilerimizden biri olabilirsiniz.

Bir Pardus geliştiricisi olmak için aşağıdaki teknik yeterliliklerden bir veya birden fazlasını karşılıyorsanız, “Katıl” düğmesine tıklamanızı ve Discord kanalımıza yazmanızı bekliyoruz. Kullandığınız git hesabını bizimle paylaşmayı unutmayın.

Gerekli yeterlilikler:

  • Git kullanabilme becerisi
  • Intermediate/Advanced Python
  • Intermediate/advanced C / C++ 
  • Ability to work with GTK3 tools
  • Predisposition to the .deb package system
  • kendini anlatan kodlar yazabilmek

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