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Support Documentation Studies

If you want to follow the world of technology and share them with other people, and convey your knowledge and experience in writing to our other users and volunteers. You can be our certification volunteer.

Our Documentation and Author guide here .

All you have to do is click the "Join" button and here You should also write to our Discord channel. a personal blogIf you have any, don't forget to share it with us.


Become a Pardus Translator

If you know and speak more than one language, have a good command of technical literature and want to do something for Pardus, you are a suitable candidate for translation. Detailed information and rules on this subject You can reach it at.

Our Github github/pardus We look forward to your translation and support in the following areas at our address. 

  • Certification
  • Pardus software
  • Interface translations

If you haven't done a software translation before or if you're unfamiliar with Git, GitHub, and GitLab, that's fine. We have prepared for you How to Translate?, Basic Git usage ve Introduction to Git Using Github GitLab You can read our articles.


Design for Pardus

You know that design never loses its importance in every field. You can also support by preparing designs for Pardus. The following areas are our priority, but we would not say no to designs in other areas.

  • Desktop Wallpapers
  • GRUB Themes
  • GNOME Shell Theme
  • GTK Themes
  • Plymouth Themes
  • Social Media Images
  • New Icon Sets
  • Banner, T-shirt etc. Promotional Products Images

We welcome you to click the "Join" button and write to our Discord channel to share your designs with us and get more detailed information. Do not forget to make sure that the designs you will share are in free file formats.


Turkey's operating system, Pardus, grows with your tests and suggestions.

All you have to do is click the “Join” button and write to our Discord channel.


Become a Pardus Developer

If you want to improve yourself and feel competent by contributing to Turkey's largest open source project, Pardus, you can become one of our developers by following the steps.

If you meet one or more of the following technical qualifications to become a Pardus developer, we welcome you to click the "Join" button and write to our Discord channel. Don't forget to share the git account you use with us.

Required competencies:

  • Ability to use git
  • Intermediate/Advanced Python
  • Intermediate/advanced C / C++ 
  • Ability to work with GTK3 tools
  • Predisposition to the .deb package system
  • write self-explanatory code

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