When we say the 7 best Linux Tools for Digital Artists; We've compiled the best ones for you. Linux has no shortage of software for Graphic Designers.

When we said the 7 best Linux Tools for Digital Artists, we talked about the best that came to mind. First of all, let's make a note: Linux has no shortage of software for Digital Artists (graphic designers). This list consists of the best graphics software.

Let's talk a little bit about Digital Art. Personally, I want to be able to create stunning and easy visuals for these works. canva I would prefer online tools such as But you can't always be online, so it is necessary to install some graphic design software on your computer.

Lots of tools that help graphic designers improve their work or create something interesting from scratch. It has a linux graphics application. Perhaps the applications that exist on Linux are not commercially popular, but they offer powerful features that will act as an excellent assistant for a digital artist.

In this article, we will focus specifically on tools that deal with digital drawings/sketches and image editors.

Best graphic design software for Linux

Now, let's take a look at the 7 best Linux tools for digital artists.


GIMP Image

GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. GIMP is one of the best free tools a digital artist can install on Pardus or other Linux distributions.

It is a completely free Linux tool for a digital artist far from professional use. It's for everyone. You can benefit even if you are an expert or you can get good use out of it if you are a novice. GIMP offers more than just editing or redesigning a photo. Various plugins and extensions make GIMP a fortune in one's system. What's more, you can also do all the basic design or editing work and some complex image manipulation tasks without spending a penny.

Pardus If you are working on it, it will already be installed on your system. You can use it directly and if you are on a different Linux distribution, for more information setup help page You can go.

2. Chalk

Krita Image (7 Best Linux Tools for Digital Artists)

Another impressive Linux tool. Krita to facilitate image editing within the suite of office tools K Office Designed as a plugin. However, it turned out to have much more potential as a standalone desktop application competing with programs like GIMP.

Surprisingly, it's still not like GIMP. It is mostly focused for use by illustrators, cartoonists and concept artists. It certainly offers a host of features and is constantly evolving as we speak. Also, you could argue that Krita provides a better UI compared to GIMP.

It recently introduced render animation feature, full support for OSX, advanced color picker and more. It can be similarly extended using plugins or extensions. It brings a good collection of filters to choose from and also provides the ability to control layers in an image like Adobe Photoshop. It can import a large number of files but has stopped support for PSD files.

Features and usability are Krita's strong point. That this French university abandoned Adobe Photoshop for Krita no wonder.

If you are using Pardus, you can download and install Krita from the graphics section of the Pardus Software Center. For more information Go to Krita's download page you can try.

3. Inkscape

lnkscape image (7 Best Linux Tools for Digital Artists)

It is an open source vector graphics editor. Adobe IllustratorAs an alternative to , you can install it on your Linux system. The user interface presented here may not be very attractive, but it is very good with powerful features and tools on offer.

It is one of the best Linux tools for digital artists actively developed. If you find it easier to work with but still prefer Adobe Illustrator, you can easily export your file in Illustrator file format and then import it into Illustrator. You can also export to SVG format, SVGZ, LaTeX and POV-Ray file format. Convert files to PDF, EPS, etc. There are extensions that allow you to save as

If you're a leading expert, Inkscape might not be enough for you because it lacks certain features found in the popular commercial vector graphics editor. On the other hand, if you're an artist who prefers a free and easy-to-use tool over an expensive one, you can definitely take advantage of it.

You can get it directly from Pardus Software Center. Either way, if you're running a different Linux distribution, you can try to install it via terminal by entering the following command:

sudo apt install inkscape
Top 5 Vector Graphics Editors (For Linux)

4.  carbon fibre

Carbon Image (7 Best Linux Tools for Digital Artists)

An open source vector drawing program. Carbon is also known as Carbon 14, Kontour, and KIllustrator. Lets you edit and create vector drawings. It is one of the most suitable Linux tools for digital artists dealing with vector graphics. Gradient tool, path shape tool, pencil tool, line tool, etc. includes.

It provides support for shapes as well as text. You can import SVG images and edit them with great ease. Carbon provides a great customizable user interface. It also offers advanced path editing tool. It can also be extended for various uses using plugins compatible with it.

To install, you can type the following command in terminal:

sudo apt install carbon

5. vectr (not open source)

Vectr Image (7 Best Linux Tools for Digital Artists)

Like the two graphic tools above in the list and as the name suggests, Vectr is a tool for vector graphics. It is slightly different from normal desktop software.

You can also use Vectr in your web browser. It also features real-time collaboration. You can provide the URL of your design and others can watch you edit an image in real time.

The user interface is another plus point. The modern user interface and aesthetic look definitely set the mood for creative designs. It also has a set of documentation for new users to get started with creating vector designs.

The desktop app is available for Linux, Windows and MacOS. It is not open source software, but you can download it for free. It is also now available in the online version, the image belongs to the online version.

6. Pinta

Pinta Image (7 Best Linux Tools for Digital Artists)

Like all other image editing software tools, Pinta has suddenly become one of the favorite Linux tools for digital artists. It is an open source software utility that brings many features.

If you've used Paint.Net before, it's pretty much the same. In other words, you can keep it as an alternative to Paint.Net for Linux/Pardus. Paint brush, freehand drawing tool, pencil, shapes, etc. You will find a variety of drawing tools, including This is not just an ordinary painting tool, but also brings support that allows you to control the layers of an image. You also have the ability to add extensions for experimental capabilities.

Pinta offers many filters and effects (motion blur, red-eye removal, glow, warping) to help enhance the image. You can easily set the toolbar to the position you want (as a floating window or a docked toolbar). Includes docking style adjustment feature where you can configure various pads to insert or remove according to your working style. Open Raster It supports file formats like and others.

7. MyPaint

Mypaint Image (7 Best Linux Tools for Digital Artists)

Another open source Linux tool. MyPaint focuses on sketching. If you have a touchscreen-enabled display, you'll be able to get the most out of it. The user interface is quite simple and easy to use.

Definitely with some advanced features To MS Paint on Linux It is a worthy alternative. It has a basic layer support and unlimited canvas. You don't need to resize (or tweak) the canvas. You get an extensive selection of brushes to try on a docked notebook.

If you are a digital artist, you can do anything using this tool. Even the most good Linux drawing software we can say.

If you want to install it, you can find it in the Pardus Software Center. You can also install it using the commands given below:

sudo apt install mypaint 

Summing Up

You just learned some of the best Linux tools for digital artists. Of course, the list we compiled included only popular and beloved options for almost everyone using Linux/Pardus.

Actually, tons of tools for digital artists There are, but most of them are for Windows and Mac OS. 

Due to its limited users (only those who need it – a truly focused category of digital artists) I have deliberately ignored some tools here or are outdated. Some of the honorable mentions will be Radiance, Lux Renderer, Dia and Wings 3D.

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We have introduced you the 7 best Linux Tools for Digital Artists. Apart from this, do you know of any other applications for digital artists? Also, if you are a digital artist, which of the above would you be willing to choose as the best for your use?

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