One of the big reasons why many people don't want to switch to Linux systems is due to the inadequacy and lack of video editors. It's true that there are more video editing programs on Windows and macOS systems, but there are some great programs you can use on Linux systems as well, like KDenlive and DaVinci Resolve.

Another popular open source video editing application that works on Linux systems is OpenShot. This multi-platform video editor can also work on Windows and macOS systems, so you can experience the program on these platforms before switching to Linux.

What's new with OpenShot 3.0

  • Improved stability and memory usage
  • Improved real-time video playback performance
  • Timeline and usage improvements
  • Ability to export multiple videos and clips at the same time
  • Blender 3.3 support
  • 4K video and monitor support (High DPI)
  • Increased video format support
  • Updated language translations and translation system

For more detailed information about OpenShot version 3.0 OpenShot official site yada Github version logs You can look at.