Tekirdağ Süleymanpaşa District Director of National Education Ebubekir Atilla

We talked to Tekirdağ Süleymanpaşa District Director of National Education Ebubekir Atilla about Pardus.

Mr. Ebubekir, could you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello. I was born in Eyüp/Istanbul in 1976. I am a graduate of Istanbul University, Department of Philosophy. For many years, I worked as a Guidance Teacher in various provinces of our country. I started management in 2012. Branch manager in 2014. Since 2018, I have been working as the District Director of National Education in Tekirdağ's Süleymanpaşa District.

It is one of our provinces in Tekirdag region that uses Pardus ETAP intensively. What is the current Pardus and ETAP usage status in your schools?

We have installed the smart boards of all our schools and the Pardus Etap operating system. Again, we ensured the use of Pardus in all suitable computers used as service computers in our district and schools.

How did you realize the Pardus Transformation in your schools?

First of all, we started the transformation with the computer that I used in our district national education director. So I started using it myself first. Later, we made sure that our teammates also moved to Pardus. In this process, solving the technical problems was the easy part, and breaking down the prejudices was the hard part. Tubitak helped us a lot in this regard. We had a problem solver with us for every problem we encountered. Here, we have two friends whose names I can't help but mention, Şenol ALDIBAŞ from TÜBİTAK and Muhammed Mustafa ÖZAYDIN ​​at our District Directorate of National Education. These friends of ours immediately solved every problem that was reflected to us as a problem, without exaggeration. In addition, with the support of Tübitak, a one-week Pardus in-service training was given to all computer teachers in our district. After this training, we formed a team of volunteer teachers who participated in the training, and together with this team, we ensured the transition of our district to Pardus and Etap.

What were the attitudes of teachers and students during the transformation? What did you do to break the prejudices?

The process of getting used to the stage operating system was overcome very quickly. Etap comes with software that will meet almost all the needs of teachers. In addition, an operating system that is not affected by viruses has made their work easier for teachers. Our students, on the other hand, adapted immediately and used it easily.

Using the Pardus operating system on service computers was the hardest part of the job because it was not easy to change the habits and usage preferences of our officers and administrators. Pardus has overcome all these processes. We also did not ignore the problems at all and showed reflex immediately, that it would be difficult for us to recover the process in the slightest gap, we always acted quickly with the awareness of this. Because there is a mass that is always ready to react to innovations in every society.

What are the problems you encounter during the Pardus transformation process?

We did not encounter a problem that we could not overcome during the Pardus transformation process. We can sort out some minor issues.

Printing problems with some printers (Fixed in problems with these printers.)

Compatibility problems in Office programs

Each of these was resolved very easily because we were focused on success and the problems only gave us more solid walking power.

What are our teachers' perspectives on Pardus right now?

Our teachers initially approached the process with a distance. In fact, they were in a polite resistance. There were question marks such as what is needed understanding, Will we be able to use it, will our programs work? As they used Etap and the problems they faced were overcome, they got used to Etap and the question marks in their minds disappeared. Currently, our teachers are talking about the positive features of the Stage. The situations that our teachers are satisfied with are that Etap does not crash and their flash memory is not infected with a virus.

How do students approach Pardus?

Our students are very prone to technology, they adapt immediately to innovations. After Pardus Etap was established, they got used to it in a very short time and started using it immediately. It was the easiest part of the job for the students to get used to and use Pardus and Etap. Our students are much more open to innovations, they are incredibly fast if we do not have a handbrake.

What are your suggestions for our provinces or districts that have not yet realized the Pardus transformation?

If they focus on the target, do not get stuck on problems and are open to communication, their job will be very easy.

Let them not be afraid of the transformation of Pardus and Etap. Domestic and national technologies do more than their counterparts do. We should also use and promote domestic technologies in the operating system. In this transformation process, they can get support from TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM. ULAKBİM gives serious support in this sense and offers all kinds of support in overcoming the problems.