Flutter is a platform developed by Google that enables application development for various operating systems. With this platform, you can develop applications for the system you want with a single programming language for Pardus and other Linux distributions, Android, IOS and WEB.

Flutter;, Google It is a platform developed by and provides application development for various operating systems. With this platform, for Pardus and other Linux distributions, Android, IOS and WEB a single programming language You can develop applications for the system you want. flutter, Dart language, and each code you write in Dart is based on programming languages ​​used on other platforms. automatic is converted. Application for multiple platforms with this advantage development times decreases and in less time debugging can be done.

Firstly Go We need to install the software. For this, you can run the code below on your terminal screen.

sudo apt-get install git

However, Google Chrome For this you need to install Pardus Software Center You can use it or visit the official website. https://www.google.com/intl/tr_tr/chrome/

Later https://docs.flutter.dev/get-started/install/linux Go to address. located here Install Flutter Manually under the heading tar.xz Download the extension file. You will download a file of approximately 600 MB in size.


The name of the file you will download may change if a new version has been released for Flutter.

Then go to the directory where you downloaded the file and open the terminal screen. In this step, extract the tar.xz file to your current directory. You can use the specified code for this.

tar xf dosya-ismi.tar.xz


The directory where you open the related tar.xz file may differ for you, in the step mentioned below, you can go to the Downloads folder. home Copying has been done to the directory.

cp -r flutter/ ../

If in this step home Go to the directory and run the code below on the terminal screen, .bashrc We will make the necessary additions for Flutter into the file.

gedit  .bashrc

On the screen that opens, copy the code below, pay attention to the username. Then close the file after saving it.

export PATH="$PATH:/home/sizin_kullanici_adiniz/flutter/bin"

Then run the following command.

flutter precache

After this step, run the command below to detect and fix errors in the Flutter installation.

flutter doctor

A screen like the following will appear. We will solve the following errors in order.

First, via the Pardus Software Center. Android Studio Download it and perform the necessary installation steps. Then open Android Studio. Flutter pluginsset up the . So you will be able to use Flutter installed on your computer. Android Studio restart.

After rebooting, the following image will appear.

If in this step More Actions Click the button.

SDKManager on the screen with SDKTools Click on the tab and select the following (with download sign next to them) and then Apply Click the button.

At this stage, the necessary SDK installations will be completed. On the terminal screen, run the following command.

flutter doctor –android-licenses

Now we will install the other packages that we need. For these, run the following commands on the terminal screen in order.

sudo apt install clang
sudo apt install cmake
sudo apt install ninja-build
sudo apt install libgtk-3-dev

Check the installation process.

flutter doctor

Now open Android Studio again. New Flutter Project Click the button.

For the new project Flutter sectionwhat click and your SDK path Please specify. This is the home directory we copied earlier. flutter named folder. If over here /home/your_username/flutter/ You must write.

NEXT Click the button.

Create Click the button. After this step, some necessary files will be downloaded automatically.

On the screen that appears, select a device. Here for testing Linux(desktop) We chose the option.

Later Shift + 10 Click the keys or the run button in Android Studio.

Now you are ready to develop applications for the platform you want with Flutter 🙂