In this article, we will give a little information about open source Android applications that can be used in daily life for Android phone users.

Open source android apps respect your privacy more than popular proprietary android apps used.

In this article, we have created a list of applications that our valued readers can use. We hope that this article will be of some use to you and the people you share it with.

Important note

You can find the apps in this list on the Google Play Store, F-Droid Store or the official website of the developer. Always use official recommended sources to install APKs.

Keyboard Apps

The application we use the most on our phones is the keyboard application. We use this application the most when writing messages or doing research. In addition, as these applications are closed source, as you know, they may store your data, share it with 3rd party applications or process this data.

You can use open source keyboard applications to prevent this situation.

simple keyboard

As the name suggests, simple keyboard is a simple keyboard app with no additional features. Google's default keyboard app makes a great alternative to Gboard.

You can download the application from the addresses below.

GitHub | F-Droid | Play Store


AnySoftKeyboard is an advanced keyboard app with theme customization, fast typing and gesture support.

You can download the application from the addresses below.

GitHub | F-Droid | Play Store

open board

The OpenBoard app is like Android's default keyboard app. If you like Android's GBoard and don't like its connection with Google services, you can use OpenBoard.

You can download the application from the addresses below.

GitHub | F-Froid | Play Store

File Management Applications

Almost every phone manufacturer on the market has their own file manager. In addition, these applications may not work perfectly. Additionally, they may receive and process your usage data that you do not wish to share.

You can use open source file manager applications to prevent this situation.

Amaze file manager

Amaze File Manager has a beautiful, user-friendly interface and basic file operations features (cut, copy, delete, compress, unzip). You can also change the theme if you want.

You can download the application from the addresses below.

Github | F-Droid | Play Store

Simple File Manager

Simple File Manager is an easy-to-use file management application that has a simple interface and can perform basic file operations. It is quite light and fast.

You can download the application from the addresses below.

Github | F-Droid | Play Store

Web Browser Applications

Another application that we use most on our phones is web browsers. Looking for privacy-conscious and open-source web browsers, keep scrolling. 🙂


Mozilla Firefox is probably the most preferred open source internet browser for both desktop and mobile.

Firefox Android version offers users a fast and secure experience. You can also try other variants of Firefox. For example, you can look at the Firefox Focus application.

You can download the application from the addresses below.

Github | Play Store

DuckDuckGo Private Browser

DuckDuckGo is a privacy-conscious web browser application with its own search engine. It has additional features such as application tracking protection and Email protection.

You can download the application from the addresses below.

Github | F-Droid | Play Store

Tor Browser

Tor Browser is a Firefox-based web browser application with additional enhanced security and privacy protections. If you want to browse the internet with maximum security, aside from the user experience, Tor Browser is for you.

You can download the application from the addresses below.

Github | Play Store

Multi-Platform Sync and File Sharing Applications

If you want to sync your notifications, control music, or do things like file sharing, you don't want to use file sharing apps with trackless ads and poor privacy practices.

KDE Connect

KDE Connect is a popular open source application that connects your Linux computer to your Android device and allows sharing clipboard content, files, URLs and notifications.

Github | F-Droid | Play Store

Local Send

Local Send helps you send files to nearby devices. It is open source, ad-free and simple as an alternative to many Shareit clones in the Play Store.

There is also support for Android and iOS, as well as macOS, Microsoft Windows and Linux.

Github | F-Droid | Play Store

Zorin Connect

If you want a similar but slightly better user experience to KDE Connect, you can try Zorin Connect as an alternative.

It has the same features as KDE Connect.

Github | F-Droid | Play Store

Podcast and Audiobook Players

If you want to listen to podcasts without interruption and with a simple user experience, these podcast apps will do the trick.


AntennaPod is a powerful open source podcast manager with access to a variety of podcasts worldwide.

You can easily add these feeds from RSS URLs, iTunes podcast database, or other applications that use OPML files.

Github | F-Droid | Play Store


Voice is a very simple player that allows you to easily manage/listen to your audiobooks. The user experience is low, but it is a very successful application for you to focus on listening to the audiobook instead of forcing you with other functions.

Github | F-Droid | Play Store

RSS Readers

It can be difficult to keep track of all the information online or to organize a list. However, RSS readers gracefully assist you in this challenging task.

If you're tired of paying for options like Feedly or Inoreader, simply add/import your RSS feeds to the apps below.


Feeder is an RSS reader application with several customization options to filter and organize your RSS feeds, as well as providing a good user experience.

Thanks to this application, which also has a dark mode, you will not tire your eyes while reading your publications.

Github | F-Droid | Play Store

Read You

Read You is a relatively new app that joins the RSS reader category as it uses Google's new Material You UI style.

It is an application that fulfills all the basic features expected of an RSS reader, while providing a pleasant user experience.

Github | F-Droid


Looking for a full-fledged open source newsreader? NewsBlur offers an exciting solution with key features to meet your needs.

An application that plans to replace Google Reader. Worth a try 🙂

Github | F-Droid | Play Store

VPN Apps

With many VPN services, you have to trust the company or service to protect your privacy.

However, if you use open source VPN apps, it will be pretty transparent about how things work on the client side. That's why open source VPN apps will offer a better option than proprietary apps.


ProtonVPN is a popular option among privacy-focused VPN services. Compared to other VPN apps, it has many valuable features such as secure core servers, tracker blocking to support your privacy.

Github | F-Droid | Play Store


Mullvad provides a unique VPN service without the need for much personal information. It randomly generates a unique number to the account you are using and assigns this number to the account.

The Mullvad app is open source and can be a good alternative for those who don't prefer ProtonVPN.

Github | F-Droid | Play Store


IVPN is known for its extremely honest marketing. It informs you whether you need a VPN or not before you decide to buy it.

The application provides simple user experience with open source core features

Github | F-Droid | Play Store

Comics or Manga Readers

We have set this section for those who love to read Manga and Comics.


Tachiyomi is a very popular free and open source manga reader for Android.

You can organize your library using categories and read or download manga online from many different sources. In addition, the application has light / dark themes.

Github | Website


The Kotatsu application, like the Tachiyomi application, fulfills the features you expect from a manga reader.

It also uses modern Material You features to provide a better user experience.

Github | Website


Seeneva is a comics reader that also supports various comic archive formats such as CBZ, CBR, CB7.

Github | F-Droid | Play Store

Music Players

Technically, if you just want to listen to music, the default music player will do. But if you want to be able to organize your library and have a simple music listening experience, these apps will do the trick.

Simple Music Player

Simple Music Player is developed by the team that developed the Simple File Manager application.

While offering a simple experience, it offers an intuitive user interface with features such as customizing color schemes and grouping files.

Github | F-Droid | Play Store

Vanilla music

Vanilla Music is a clean and open source music player that supports most common audio formats and provides basic functionality.

Github | F-Droid | Play Store

Note Taking Applications

Notes can be personal or random doodles. However, you should pay extra attention to your privacy and security when using note-taking applications. You may have written sensitive information in your notes, and this information is not secure in an application with a weak/insufficient privacy policy.


Joplin is a fantastic open source note-taking application that comes in a desktop version.

You can store your notes locally, encrypt them and synchronize them with your other devices. The user experience isn't exactly intuitive, but if you're looking for an open-source and feature-rich note-taking app, Joplin won't disappoint.

Github | F-Droid | Play St.ore

Standard Notes

Standard Notes is a useful application, offering end-to-end encryption by default and storing your data in the cloud.

You can expand its features by choosing Premium. But its basic functionality will be enough for you to get started.

Github | F-Droid | Play St.ore

2-Factor Authentication and Password Applications

Managing passwords and two-factor authentication codes is critical. How can we trust them, especially when we see closed-source password management applications such as LastPass that constantly open up security holes?

That's why you can turn to open source options that give you better privacy.


KeePassDX is a simple and powerful password manager for users who don't want to sync their data to the cloud.

You can manage your passwords wherever you go, import/export them or create a database. It is compatible with KeePassXC, one of the best password managers in Linux.

Github | F-Droid | Play St.ore


Bitwarden is the most popular open source password manager that syncs across all devices and browsers. You can also store 2-factor authentication tokens.

Unlike KeePassDX, it syncs to the cloud. It protects your data by providing industry-standard protection and advanced features.

Github | F-Droid | Play St.ore

Aegis Authenticator

Looking for an open source equivalent of Authy? Aegis Authenticator, which supports industry standard two-factor authentication tokens, may be a good solution.

Github | F-Droid | Play St.ore


If you are looking for enhanced privacy and security, you should use open source email applications.

K-9 Mail (Thunderbird)

K-9 Mail is a popular open source email client with all its core features.

Github | F-Droid | Play St.ore


FairEmail is another open source email client that supports Gmail Outlook and similar accounts.

It has many useful features along with a simple user interface.

Github | F-Droid | Play St.ore


Tutanota is an encrypted email service. If you want to use it for enhanced privacy and security, you can start with the mobile app.

Github | F-Droid | Play St.ore


Proton Mail is another popular encrypted email service. It is an open source email system that can offer a better user experience.

Github | Play St.ore

Video Players

If you are going to watch media by adding different file formats on your mobile device, open source video players will come in handy.


VLC is arguably the best open source video/media player among many platforms.

It supports almost all media formats.

Github | F-Droid | Play Store

New Video Player

If you are looking for an open source vlc alternative application with nice features and a simple use, Nova video Player is for you.

Github | F-Droid | Play Store

There are many more open source Android apps out of the list here. To look at other open source Android apps outside of this list, click here. to Github You can look at.

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